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Volta Ventures

Establishing a purposeful foundation

Brand strategy: workshops, playbook, copywriting

With PRLab, Amsterdam

Volta Ventures offers seed and early-stage Venture Capital for software and internet startups in the Benelux region. Their team sets out to blend entrepreneurial experience with venture capital, by doing so they help businesses gain access to new markets, new clients and customers, funding and other networks that can be used to scale and grow companies.

It was time for Volta Ventures to update their website and branding as they were only using “band-aid solutions”. They wanted to update how they are positioned within the competitive venture capital market. 

I worked with PRLab to assist with updating their brand online, largely focusing on improving their foundation. I led a branding workshop that allowed us to better understand their needs and positioning and infused that into their key messaging:

Helping heroes in their entrepreneurial journeys 


The workshop included an analysis of the pre-existing materials and progress. We assessed the communication needs, target audience and brand culture to identify the golden thread between Volta’s company ethos, culture, and supporting materials. 

The key objective of the workshop was to identify the overall direction to take in redesigning the way they communicate their offerings.

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