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Rebranding an established coworking pioneer 

Brand strategy & naming: workshops, strategy

With Your Majesty, Amsterdam

NSI is a large real estate company based in The Netherlands. They own multiple real estate assets, mainly consisting of work buildings. They needed to adapt to the current times and how people have changed the way they work, so they developed an extension brand focusing on offering businesses customised workplaces in a co-working setting.

The client needed a name, a brand, and an identity. Together with Your Majesty, I led the naming and brand strategy workshops to create: 

The Gardence - Offices to grow


The client wanted the brand to feel like a hotel chain, but be international enough to work with multiple languages. Once 3 names were chosen, concepts were created to further extend the potential of the names. In the end, there was one clear winner - The Gardence. 

The brand strategy workshops were divided across 2 days. In the workshops, we covered the customer, the brand positioning, the brand values & RTB’s, and the brand personality. After a couple of weeks, we created a full brand strategy and identity playbook. The brands’ value proposition became the red thread that influenced all aspects: 

Building sustainable synergies between people, places, and work.

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