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Responsible Clothing

Creating a streetwear recommerce brand

Brand strategy: workshops, copywriting, strategy

With Your Majesty, Amsterdam

Less than 7% of purchased clothes are sold for a second time. One of the reasons is that it’s too much hassle for brands to resell their second-hand products.

Fashion-tech company RESPONSIBLE tackles this by powering recommerce for streetwear brands and retailers. The brand’s goal is to evoke a sense of accessible imagination. A better world that everyone—within and beyond a lifetime—can make a reality.

I partnered with Your Majesty to conduct and lead brand strategy workshops with the client team that further turned their vision into a practical strategy statement that informed the brand’s expression:

Passing legacies through generations


The innate long-lasting brand strategy was translated into the logotype—The Generation Mark.

I worked closely with the creative team at Your Majesty to consult on the brand identity to make sure the strategy was infused in the best way possible. The outcome was a solid brand with a strong message, ready to take over the world.

From the client:

“Working with Your Majesty was nothing short of a delight. Our team was guided through some facilitated workshops that drew out the essence of who we are as a company. It was amazing to see how this was then interpreted into words and images to shape and communicate our brand.”


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