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Microdose Together

Building a brand of the future 

Brand strategy & creative direction

With Max Hofert Design, US 

I created Microdose Together as an initiative to spread more awareness around microdosing psilocybin socially. The brand is centred around educating and eliminating stigmas around psychedelics. The target audience are people who would never dare to try it because of misinformation. The brand is built on being approachable and friendly. 


I partnered with Max Hofert to bring my dream to life. The psychedelic space has become flooded with brands that are either cold and clinical, or trippy and expected. We set out to create an identity that builds credibility and is approachable by many while staying true to the magical moments mushrooms can provide.


The underlining strategy: 

Microdosing colours in our voids

We built a simplistic system that focuses on the intentional use of gradients to draw attention to magical moments by contrasting them to black - the voids. Through a mix of bold sans serifs and chunky playful serifs, we created a brand that packs a punch in a subdued fashion. Focusing on education, the approachable but whimsical tone is meant to be less trippy, more fun. Mush love!

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