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Hi, hoi

I'm Sara, pronounced like the store Zara but with a 'S', and i've always believed that...


it's easy to do the status quo, isn't life about differentiating? 

I challenge clients to bring the same thinking out in their deep roots and connection to their brand.

Combining business with creativity gives you personality and character. Building a brand that can live a long life requires a solid foundation.  

I start with your foundation and then build from there, creating a tailored plan to what your brand needs to achieve ultimate success. 


Background -

I’m a conceptual thinker who is strategically centred, I excel at finding creative solutions. 

I have an entrepreneurial vision and a personal flair for innovation and sustainability. I have over 8 years of experience in idea conception, digital, strategy, branding, PR/media, social, consulting, and production. I’ve spent most of my career working at top-tier advertising/marketing agencies in Toronto and Amsterdam. 

I’ve worked on a number of different client categories, including cannabis, automotive, apparel, beauty, CPG, lifestyle, technology, alcohol, and many more. I left the corporate world to help clients on a more personal level, without the overhead. 

My positive personality, intuitive insight, and vibrant imagination allows me to have a holistic approach to my work. There is a lot of sameness in the world, growth is when you stay true to yourself while adapting to the world around you. 

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