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Microsoft Holosuite 

Launching the new product range in an immersive way

Creative strategy, art direction, and copywriting

With Edelman Amsterdam

Microsoft, in collaboration with InSpark, launched an entirely new experience in the Customer Experience Center of the Dutch Microsoft Headquarters at Schiphol: the Holosuite.

To create an enticement and immersive experience for the press and media, we were tasked to create an educational video showcasing the new products launching. The Holosuite provides the perfect foundation for a groundbreaking way of storytelling, bringing advanced digital transformation scenarios to life in a 360° projection space through a combination of technologies such as Azure, Edge, IoT and Mixed Reality.

I led the conception and art direction of the final video, and together with Mr. Beam we created different immersive digital visualisations that took the viewer into a story of the new product range. The challenge was to showcase the products in an interesting and captivating way, without it coming across as too sales-y.  

Under the surface 

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